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  • 84 Sheepdog Live

  • Saturday June 26th 8:30pm at The Killarney

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  • 84 Sheepdog is: Josh Maiocco on guitar and vocals, J.D. Martin on
    bass guitar and vocals, and Shamus Martin on drums, percussion, and
    vocals. The band (named after the modified Ford Econoline van from
    the movie Dumb and Dumber) is based in Saxtons River, Vermont and
    formed in 2008 with the simple idea to keep their music fun; fun for
    them to play and fun for their audiences to listen to.
    They are avid musicians who truly love what they do – music is their
    hobby as well as their profession, and they want to relate that feeling
    to their fans. They try very hard not to fall into any one category or
    genre of music as they like and enjoy whatever may come, be it Rock,
    Funk, Blues, Salsa, Jazz, Reggae, Rockabilly, drum solos on their
    infamous bucket drums or even the occasional lounge song.
    So whether you’re going out to dance the week away, or just relax
    with family and friends, 84 Sheepdog is the band that has a song for
    everyone. Come on out and have some fun with them.